curtain walling systems

About our curtain walling systems

Every aspect of our walling systems is unique and is optimized to offer advanced functionality, and flexibility. 

Fusing lightweight and strong aluminium frames with glazed sections, our systems can be faceted, double skinned, curved or angled to create the desired finish, whilst offering maximum light transmission into the building with minimum profile sightlines.

A 60mm curtain wall system of mullions and transoms.

A complete 50mm curtain wall system of mullions and transoms.

The SG50 Curtain Walling System is a structually-glazed solution designed to offer high performance. Our aluminium curtain walls enable specifiers to create impressive facades that not only enhance the aesthetics of a building but also provide the functionality and performance required to meet and exceed current standards.


A 40mm series single glazed value for money sliding windows system for mass housing projects based on slim design intent with 24mm visible width in center available in 2track and 3 track systems.

An architectural, unitized curtain wall system, available in fully structural or with mechanical retainment.


A 45mm series single and double glazed sliding solution based on slim design intent with 33mm visible width in center having 45 degree joining in frame and 90 degree joining in shutter with single and multi point locking options.