Product Description

A casement window system of 40mm wide module with a range of economical and high performance products for glazing system choice of 4 – 26mm in order to give a combined optimum thermal, acoustic and security performance.

This system offers the right combination of safety and performance with innovative design and aesthetics appeal for modern construction.

  • Both hinge and friction arm option with miter joint for sash and frame

For residential and commercial buildings and public places like hospitals, hotels, schools etc.


  • Rectangular and round glazing bead choices
  • Single glazed solution with pocket sash
  • Single and double glazed solutions with glazing bead
  • 40N casement windows available in flush and double overlap option.
  • Single / double sash windows
  • Outward opening
Max glass thickness (mm) 26
Max sash width (mm) 900
Max sash height (mm) 1500
Maximum sash load (kg) 70
Outward opening
Multi-point locking